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vertical lines (2018)

Dave and Andrew reach a new level of closeness in their relationship when they share their personal experiences with self-harm. Inspired by true events, Vertical Lines explores the path from personal trauma in this intimate conversational piece.

"...without preaching, this engaging, entertaining film sparks important conversation about self-image, encouraging viewers to share things that are difficult to talk about and to never be afraid to ask someone a tough question."

- Shadows On The Wall Review

Wicked Queer 2018 Best Men's Short Audience Award


BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival (World Premiere) - March 31st, 2018

Wicked Queer: The Boston LGBT Film Festival (USA Premiere) - April 5th, 2018

Toronto Inside Out LGBT Film Festival (Canada Premiere) - May 31st, 2018

2018 The Palace International Film Festival - July 15th, 2018

2018 North Carolina Gay And Lesbian Film Festival - August 17th, 2018

2018 Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival (Norway Premiere) - September 20th, 2018

2018 Out On Film: Atlanta LGBT Film Festival - October 7th, 2018

2018 Homochrom Film Festival (Germany Premiere) - October 16th, 2018


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